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Wiith deep natural frequency & adjustable dampening (pat.) for vibration isolation of measuring & testing machines, optical and electronic equipment, laser machines, fine machining plant, vehicle & motor performance testers etc.

Product Description

The Air Spring Isolator BiAir® consists of either a steel or cast aluminum body whose air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressure-resistant rolling diaphragm. The piston is seated on this diaphragm & is pushed into the air volume.

This design causes highly effective vibration isolation. In order to obtain as high a dampening effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load and dampening volume) that are connected by an air tube. The amount of dampening can be easily changed by the adjustable valve located on the outside of the air spring. As the load on the air spring changes, air is forced through the bypass valve creating friction. This friction creates up to an 18% dampening effect. Additional safety valves protect the rolling diaphragm from getting damaged by over inflation.

Range of Application
Highly effective vibration isolation of sensitive measuring (CMM) and testing machines, fine machining plant, as well as optical and electronic equipment. Another important range of application is the vibration isolated foundation of vehicle, motor and other performance testers.
BiAir® Air Spring isolators are extremely well suited for the isolation of foundations e.g. equivalent machine loads.
Air springs with higher max. loads as well as air springs with lower natural frequencies can be supplied upon request!

Advantages compared with conventional steel springs
BiAir® Air Spring Isolators with level control are an active system. The machine foundation level consistency will always be preserved! Automatic leveling adjustment.

BILZ level controller systems
Level control is an important part of an optimally functioning air spring system. The automatic level controller can be utilized to overcome the problem associated with load changes in air spring isolated machines, which can result in tilting of the machine.
The height of the specific elements BiAir® or FAEBI® can be controlled by changing the air pressure in the air spring isolators. Quick inflation or deflation will hold the machines level even if their center of gravity keeps changing.

Control circuit
The circuit consists of at least three air springs. If more air springs are needed for structural or loading reasons, the system must always include 3 position points, e.g. three controlled components to avoid being in a statically indeterminate condition . This is achieved by connecting sets of air springs in parallel.

BiAir® mechanical-pneumatic positioner / controller

The mechanical-pneumatic control valves are a simple yet effective solution. The level is constantly scanned by a plunger. The plunger position is transmitted to a spool valve. Depending on the spool valve position, pressure is either applied to the air spring or vented from the inside of the air spring. The machine level can be maintained at an accuracy ± 1/100 mm (10 microns). Principally three control valves are used. The incoming air supply is conditioned with a pressure regulator to limit system pressure to a maximum of 6 bar and with a water trap to remove vapor & an air filter to remove dust & any foreign bodies from the air supply


System components
Each system consists of 3 position sensors, 3 electro-pneumatic control valves, one control unit (digital computer logic), the pressure regulator and filter units. Even the most severe conditions are mastered by the electro-pneumatic positioner. It is used mainly where high reset precision and extremely short reaction times are required. Any deviation (difference between desired value and actual value) from the desired height (desired value) of the air spring isolator is measured at a precision of up to 1/100 mm (10 microns) accuracy by means of position sensors. In the control unit, these electronic signals will then be processed and the air spring elements will be inflated or deflated accordingly for level equalization via the pneumatic control valves.

Control unit
The control unit consists of a printed circuit board, containing the entire logic of the 3 control circuits, 3 air pressure gauges for the air springs, adjusting screws for the adjustment of the machine, selection of the controller speed, and a switch to enable complete deflation of the air springs. The control unit can be supplied either as a 19 inch rack mount unit or completely enclosed within a cabinet.

As an optional feature, a special software package is available. By means of this software, the adjustment & optimization of controlled conditions, the registration of adjustment parameters as well as error determination can be carried out via the serial interface (serial interface provided on the control unit). Furthermore, the integrated serial interface enables a connection between available machine computers or systems to be isolated. A number of more complex system modes can be realized this way.

BiAir® electro-pneumatic positioner /controller


  • Important advantages of the BILZ level control are:

  • High reset accuracy e.g. level accuracy of ± 1/100 mm (10 microns)

  • Extremely short reaction time (within the

  • The general possibility of being able to optimally adapt (increase and reset) the speed of the system to the specific conditions (control circuit)

  • Wear resistant and sturdy relief valves

  • Simple and effective set-up operation



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