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LTH-Insulated Tables
Isulated tables & platforms - Nashik - India Plate: Granite

  • Adjustable feet

  • Torsion proofed, welded steel frame

  • Membrane air-spring insulators BiAir® (vertical natural frequency approx. 2 Hz) between frame and plate

  • Mechanical-pneumatic level control (level accuracy of ± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm)

  • Plate in granite (LTH)

BILZ insulated table LTH is a vibration insulated workplace. Vibration of the surrounding area is insulated by high efficient membrane air springs. The level controller (mechanical-pneumatic valves) will maintain a level accuracy of ± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm automatically even while the loading may change. An air regulator with water trap and air filter is included.

As standard the insulated table is available in 3 different sizes. We are always pleased to fulfill custom made sizes and colours. The work surface of the table can be delivered in granite (LTH).

Range of Application
Vibration sensitive measuring and testing machines, laser, scales, optical and electronically as well as medical equipment. The new insulated table LTH is used for all applications where vibrations or load changes may disturb the experiment or machine.

Special dimensions
When desired it is possible to supply special dimensions, higher loads, stainless steel solutions, honeycomb structure plates.




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Anti Vibration Technology - Machine House, Nashik - India Manufacturers of AVM - Anti Vibration Mounts 

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